Whereas in 1914 the Kist factory mainly focused on packaging materials for the flower bulbs, the company now supplies a wide variety of wooden products. You can think of wine boxes and gift packaging, export boxes, agricultural boxes, but also wooden product displays. Here you can read more about all our products! At the Kistenfabriek we make everything to measure and to the wishes of the customer. As a result, you as a customer are always assured that the product supplied by us fits your situation! In 100 years we have changed from a small company to a large holding company that supplies internationally. Our products can therefore also be found all over the world!

Since 2014 the predicate for Purveyor of the Dutch Royal Household

4 December 2014 is an important day in the history of the Kistenfabriek. On this day, the company received the designation “By Royal Decree Court Provider” from the King’s Commissioner in South Holland . This title is only reserved for a small number of companies in the Netherlands and we carry this title since then with great pride and try to preserve it!

To qualify for such a predicate, a Dutch company must first exist for 100 years. This was the case for us on 1 December 2014. It is not necessary, as the title reads, to deliver exclusively to the Court. The title is reserved for small and medium-sized companies with a regional appearance and which have an impeccable reputation. After a large number of inspections and investigations with us in Lisse, it was decided that the Kistenfabriek would meet this requirement, and then we received the predicate with pride!

The background of our wood

All our products are customer specific and made to measure exclusively from sustainable wood. The sustainability of our wood is that it is grown in so-called production forests. The forests where we get our wood are mainly in Scandinavia. For each tree that is cut down, 4 trees will be planted back. All products made by the Kistenfabriek are therefore made of sustainable and responsible wood.

The ISPM 15 certificate

Besides that all our wood is sustainable, it can also be provided with an ISPM 15 certification. This means that it has had a special heat treatment with which all forms of vermin have been removed from the wood. This certification is necessary for exports in connection with the transmission of vermin and diseases to other countries.

Because all the wood used at the Kistenfabriek has been treated according to the ISPM 15 standard, the products can be exported worldwide without problems. For wooden products for export you are therefore also at the right address at the Kistenfabriek.