Customized export crates

De Kistenfabriek manufactures export crates for transporting goods to the wishes and needs of the customer. We do not care whether we have to manufacture a wooden box for an aircraft engine or a smaller product, we provide the service you need us for. After production we deliver the boxes in its entirety, so you only have to place the product and put it on transport.

ISPM 15 certification

All North Scandinavian pine used by us has undergone heat treatment according to the ISPM 15 standard. This means that the wood is free of all forms of vermin. Thanks to this treatment, our wooden boxes can be transported worldwide without problems.

More information about our custom wooden export boxes or one of our other products? Read more about our other wooden products here. At the Kistenfabriek we make all your wooden products to measure.

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Customized export crates

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