Custom made wood displays

Wooden displays can be used for different purposes. It is a unique presentation tool, but it can also serve as a means of transport. The possibilities are endless. In our showroom we can show various options.

How does it work?

De Kistenfabriek produces tailor-made and tailors the wishes of the customer. No display is standard! The great advantage of a wooden display with respect to a cardboard display is its strength and flexibility. As a result, smaller numbers, from about 50 pieces, can also be produced and the delivery time is relatively short.

In addition, we always use Northern Scandinavian pine wood from production forests, so that your product is always presented in sustainable wood!

Who went before you?

In the 35 years that we have focused on wooden displays, many well-known players in the market have preceded you. For example, we make displays for Tony Chocolonely, the special beer brand La Trappe and the pastries from Peijnenburg. We also make displays for stores abroad such as the Carrefour in France, the Rewe in Germany or Morrisons in the UK. These are just a few examples of companies that use our services to the satisfaction of our customers.


Interested in a wooden display, looking for more information or curious about our other products? Feel free to contact us via 0031-252-211221 and we would like to discuss our various options together.

Wooden displays

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